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About Us

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Bombus, LLC’s purpose is to provide wholesale, high-quality, local-ecotype native seeds and plants, erosion control materials, and associated services to the ecological restoration industry. In addition, we support retail e-commerce sales of native seed and plants.

The Bombus team has a passion for ecological restoration and protection and for working with other passionate organizations and individuals. Our mission is to enable those organizations and individuals to create the highest-quality ecological restoration, landscapes, and infrastructure retrofits.

Serving the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest regions, Bombus is a small, woman-owned business whose mission is to serve the ecological restoration community with exceptional products and services. Owner and founder, Corrine Daniels has over 25 years of experience in the native nursery and ecological restoration industry. 

Our team has worked frequently with public, private, and nonprofit entities on projects ranging from a few hundred square feet to thousands of acres. Those projects often required creative funding solutions, the protection and restoration of rare and endangered ecosystems, and the production and procurement of high-conservation-value plant species. 


Our Expertise

Bombus provides a range of ecological restoration support products and services. Those include custom seed collection, contract growing, seed and plant materials sourcing, submittal preparation, product QA-QC, planting plan value-analysis, floristic surveys, and Endangered Resources Reviews.

Bombus offers a wide range of expertise including:

  1  |  Over 25 years of native nursery and ecological industry experience 

  2  |  Production and sourcing of local genotype native seed and plant materials

  3  |  High-quality materials standards

  4  |  Species identification

  5  |  Custom seed scouting and collection

  6  |  Valuable cost-saving design expertise

  7  |  Strong industry network

  8  |  High-quality farm-grown, custom native seed production

 9   |  Product shipping and delivery 

10  |  Project management

11  |  Floristic survey

Arnoglossum atriplicifolium (5).JPG

Our Story

Established by owner and founder, Corrine Daniels in early 2023, Bombus, LLC is a planning, design, and procurement company serving Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin regions. 

After over 25 years of working with nationally recognized, ecological restoration companies, Corrine reached a turning point in her career. Torn between a career path focusing on growing and creating products purely for internal use or a path that would lead to the freedom of external pursuits and the creation of innovative plans and products, Corrine chose the latter. With that decision, came the formation of Bombus, LLC. Because of this new path, she now has the ability to better serve her region with high-quality products and deep industry knowledge and connections as a woman-owned business. 

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