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64 beautiful Bumblebee health-support plants


Each full-flat includes these 16 species (4 plants each) of these or functionally and visually equal species based on availability: Short beaked sedge, Wild columbine, Yellow Coneflower, Prairie clover, Shooting star, Purple coneflower, Gentian, Wild geranium. Blazing star, Lupine, Beramot, Beardtongue. Mountain mint, Showy goldenrod, Blue aster, Culver's root.


Pollinator / Bloom Window:

Early - Middle - Late

Bumblebee Bounty: 2 Mixed Flats Live Plants

  • Please open plants immediately upon arrive to ensure plant survival and to be eligible for returns. 

  • This ships as 2 full flats; a total of 64 plants.


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