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Carex lupulina

Hop sedge is visually interesting with a large elongated mace-like seed head. This one will perform well  wet or dry and in shade and sun. It tends to be fire sensitive, plan accordingly. 


A hard-working wildlife support species. Wildlife served include aquatic leaf beetles, Sedge Billbug, various aphids, various leafhoppers, the seedbugs Cymus angustatus and Oedancala dorsalis. The caterpillars of various skippers (especially Euphyes spp.), caterpillars of Appalachian Brown and Eyed Brown, caterpillars of American Ear Moth and Tufted Sedge Moth, and sedge grasshoppers.  Food to some turtles, including Snapping Turtle and Eastern Mud Turtle.


Pollinator / Bloom Window:

Early - Middle



Common hop sedge

  • Please open plants immediately upon arrive to ensure plant survival and to be eligible for returns. 

  • This ships as a full flat containing 50 plants.


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