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30 Classics of the Native Tallgrass Mesic Prairie

  • Seed for 1-acre
  • 20 seeds per sq ft flowers
  • 20 seeds per sq ft of native grass
  • Suitable for moderate soils, including prime farmground
  • Suitable for full sun to light shade


Bloom/Pollinator Support Period:

Early-Middle - Late


Species included: 

Big bluestem, Bicknell's sedge, Canada wild rye, Switch grass, Dudley's rush, Little bluestem, Indian grass, Yellow giant hyssop. Nodding wild onion, Common milkweed, Purple prairie clover, Illinois tick trefoil, Broad-leaved purple coneflower, Rattlesnake master, False sunflower, Prairie blazing star, Wild bergamot, Common evening primrose, Stiff goldenrod, Wild quinine, Beardtongue, Prairie cinquefoil, Slender mountain mint, Yellow coneflower, Black-eyed Susan, Early goldenrod, Smooth blue aster, Compass plant, Spiderwort, Hoary vervain, Culver's root, Golden alexanders

Minor substitutions of similar species may be made based on availability.  Seed size varies year over year; therefore, seed counts are approximate. 

1-acre Classic Mesic Tallgrass Prairie 20/20: Seed Mix

  • This is a seed mix for 1-acre


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