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Coreopsis lanceolata


Low-growing sunny yellow flowers at home in upland settings and full sun.

Serves numerous benefical insects including Monarch butterflies, Skippers, Bumblee bees, numerous beetles, Mimics, Moths, and preditory wasps.


•Blooms: early - middle

•Height: 1’-2’

•Habitat: mesic to dry prairie


•Family: Asteraceae

•Sun/Shade: prefers full sun

•Pollinator service: Monarch, other large butterflies, assorted native bees


A long blooming and low growing plant, its sunny yellow flowers make a great addition to traditional and native landscaping.



Prairie dropseed, Coneflower, Wild nodding onion


Sand coreopsis

  • Please open plants immediately upon arrive to ensure plant survival and to be eligible for returns. 

  • This ships as a full flat containing 32 plants.


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